April 7, 2011

Quick Update

Hello loves! It's the end of a new week of classes. It's definitely been exciting to say the least! I only have one class this 6 week block, but it's already proving to be more than enough. It's wonderful to be baking with flour and sugar and chocolate, instead of cutting vegetables. I'm definitely still getting used to the 3 and a half hour class in a hot kitchen with 30 other people. I don't think it helps that there's also only about half that number of chairs to sit in. (Moral of the story: get to class early!!) I've been super busy with new reading assignments and recipes to review, but I'm still constantly checking in to all of my new followers here, on twitter, and on tumblr!! It's been wonderful to see all your new shining faces!

This week has been full of new recipes and lots of planning. My cousin, Nicole, and I are diving head first into the cupcake plans for the Friend's of St. Jude's Sugar Ball on the 16th, so that's been a huge AMAZING time consumer. Last week I also went on my very first date with a guy and it was really nice. That's all I'm gonna say about that for now. :) I've also been on the hunt for two drug store products: a good long lasting black eyeliner and something semi comparable to my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit. So, if you have any recommendations for an inexpensive, good (preferably non pencil) eyeliner and a concealer product, leave me a comment!

I'll close this mini life update with a happy report that after a week my burns are looking and feeling much better and I'll also share pictures of two of the recipes I've made so far this week in class!! Brownies with Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Ganache & HUGE Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Have a good Thursday dolls!! :)

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