April 14, 2011

True love Thursday!

I've been fresh out of blog posts to be honest, so any suggestions or things you want me to blog about, let me know in the comments! After what has been a very long week, I wanted to unwind by sharing some of the things keeping me sane these days and of course the cutesy things I've been lusting after!

The Royal Wedding: William & Kate
Yes, I'm one of the millions around the world counting down and obsessing over the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. I will be up streaming it on my Macbook because I happen to be totally fascinated by every detail of it. I think Kate is extremely gorgeous and I'm so excited to see how everything comes together after months and months of hype. 
If you know me well enough, you know I'm a Coke girl. I love water, but when I'm at dinner I drink Coke. This week I've found myself craving every moment of sleep I can get, but it hasn't been enough. For the past four days, I've dished out a dollar every morning at school for a Coke at the cafe.   
Cheap Addiction.   

Baseball Season
I'm not a complete baseball nut, but it is my favorite sport to watch by far. I'm a NY Mets girl, born and raised. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to see them play at Shea Stadium before moving to Arizona, so I settle for D-Backs games at Chase Field as often as I can. Sunday, we went to see the D-Backs play the Reds for an afternoon game. 

A+ Chocolate Chip Cookies
Enough said. I made these for my practical on Tuesday and got 100%. They were a cure all whenever I felt down this week. 

Mad Men
I started rewatching this series on SideReel and have fallen in love all over again. Highly recommend!

Kate Spade - "mom always said" Idiom Bangle
I think I saw this on Tumblr and totally added it to my birthday wishlist because it is seriously so precious. I love all the little sayings because it reminds me of my mom!

Little emails
This one is by far my favorite, therefore I saved it for last. I can't remember when, but this girl started following me on tumblr and I naturally followed back because she had a presh preppy blog that resembled mine. Sometime between then and now, she became my little sister. Caroline and I have never met, but we email regularly and obviously talk on tumblr.  I love sending long emails to her and I look forward to each and every reply back! She is one of the most wonderful people I've ever became close with via Tumblr and the internet in general. I love being her listening ear and being able to email her for a quick cheer up or a venting. She's wise beyond her years, only my brother's age, it's crazy. I'm so lucky and happy to have found her and become so close. I thank God for her everyday. :) She is so strong and such a beautiful person. I admire her so much. I know she's reading this, so, "I love you Little. You're the real deal, lemon peel." 
Have a great Thursday lovelies and THANK GOODNESS it's Friday tomorrow!! 
<3 xo

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