May 13, 2011

Friday I'm in Love!

Thank freaking goodness it's Friday and I have the day off! I slept in until 9, which doesn't seem late, but for me who is up at 5 everyday; it's like heaven. I've been trying to post this since last night, but thank you to Blogger for being difficult and being down, it had to wait until today. I thought that a "Friday, I'm in Love," post would be perfection for the difficult week I had because there were so many loves despite the mostly crappy long week.

1. Practicals and finals being finished. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I really could not focus anymore. I was so overwhelmed and ready for a change. I didn't do as well as I hoped or expected to on my final practical... Most everyone says I'm over reacting, but oh well. Thank you for those who have listened to me complain over the past two days. You're saints. ;)

2. These. All the way. We made them in class on Monday and wow. I ate more than I should admit. They're so good. If you've never had one, find your way to my house or your nearest French bakery and get them!! They are pricey when purchased, like really expensive. But seriously you'll be addicted to the tons of flavors, the pretty colors, and the amazing taste!

3. Oh goodness. You might be wondering what this lovely thing is, it's a Blending Sponge. It's the best kept secret in makeup. I know I struggle with using brushes for my foundation and concealer. They're annoying and don't always give the best coverage. Sponges are great because they blend well, but they're disposable so you go through AT LEAST one a day. Even your fingers aren't fool proof because it's easy to miss spots depending on the varying pressure of your fingers or hands. This thing is amazing. I first saw the Sonia Kashuk one at Target, but came across the generic version at Ulta for half the price and had to have it! It works absolute wonders. Flawless coverage all over for foundation and concealer. Check out this video if you want a tutorial or to be further convinced that you need it in your makeup collection!

4. O.P.I. Stranger Tides from the Pirates of Caribbean collection! I don't have any color like this in my nail polish collection and I really love it. It is very neutral with some green undertones. It's fabulous. I'm currently wearing it with my glitter ring fingers. It is practically opaque in one coat. I'm super pleased.

5. No, that is not my makeup collection. I wish though. Lately, I've been adding so many products to my must have's list! This beauty guru video from Fleur was so awesome and had so many great products from so many lines that I now have to try! If you don't already subscribe on Youtube to Fleur and Ingrid, you need to! They're my all time favorites on youtube beauty!!

These are just a few of my loves from the week! I hope you enjoy lovelies. Have a good weekend, if I don't talk to you before Monday! I will be spending today at work and baking cupcakes for my cousin, Nicole's graduation from ASU tomorrow! It's so exciting!! I hope you have equally as wonderful weekends. xx

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