May 27, 2011

Hello vacay weekend!! + friday I'm in love!

I'm so excited to finally have this amazing long weekend that I've been counting down the days for months! Since it is Friday, I'll post a few things that I'm "in love," with!!

1. Courtney Lynn, meet my very best friend! She graduated last night and I'm so excited for her! I had so much fun with her and her family last night. It was wonderful. I love her to death <3

2. Macbook, yayyy it's back from Apple complete with new keyboard and battery! (Thanks daddy!)

3. Mulberry Alexa, my new purse baby. :) So freaking presh. Will be on my arm all weekend.

4. Filming, I filmed two new videos this week, to be up on my youtube channel today or Tuesday! I'll let you know.

5. Glee at Nationals, Glee went to Nationals in NYC and I cried and got excited and was just so satisfied with the season finale especially with Finn and Rachel finaaalllly getting back together via that kiss.

Enjoy your weekends, if I don't update tomorrow! I might set up a few posts. :) We'll see. Have a fun three day though everyone! xx

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