May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello lovelies! I hope ya'll had wonderful and relaxing three day weekends. As you can see from the many pictures below, I had a great weekend. We left Saturday morning from Phoenix on the almost six hour drive to San Diego. We had a few stops along the way thanks to some small bladders, running out of gas, getting lost, and hungry people. It was a true road trip complete with the mishaps. San Diego was beautiful compared to the 100 degrees in Arizona, it was only in the high 60s. Our hotel was amazing and so close to so much shopping. (Yes, I'm a shopaholic, okay.) We rested most of Saturday and were up bright and early to shop more on Sunday and meet up with my two California best friends that I haven't seen in months!! Glee Live was also on Sunday night and it was seriously amazing and went by too quickly. The whole weekend went by too quickly. I welcomed the rest and break from reality. I hope everyone also had a splendid weekend!! xx

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  1. awe!!! looks like tons of fun!!!!! and that's crazy that we bought the exact same things!!! cuuuuuuute!! ♥

    allister bee blog